New Englander Claire Eddins embraces daily “do-overs” and southern living

Each new day represents a fresh “do over” from each and every day before. Determined to “do good, do more, do better,” I write about the people, places and things that bring inspiration, passion, and purpose to my everyday life.

And, I can’t resist sprinkling-in advice, now and then, for my teen-aged son, as well as kudos for my husband, family, and friends who make good things happen.

Originally from New England, I do miss old pals, sailing, and the beach. I’m not sure whether I’ve lived south of the Mason-Dixon line long enough to miss thwarting belligerent northern drivers and shoveling sky-high piles of snow… However, I am loving life, new friends, and new perspectives found here in the verdant, slower-paced foothills of Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains.

– Claire

Claire Eddins worked in corporate publishing, public affairs, and was partner in a PR consulting firm representing Fortune 500 companies. She is a writer, artist, award-winning photographer, and contributor and former editor for Suite 101 where she published more than 50 articles.

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