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Iris viewed from above. © 2012 EddinsImages

Its been a week of stormy spring weather. Every day, we’ve experienced fat, angry, lightening bolts, house-shaking, cracks and roars of thunder, and sheets and sheets of wind-driven ran.  Last night in the car, as we headed home from town under brooding, bruised skies brightened with wild, white flashes of lightening, ginormous raindrops pelted the car. And when we were almost home, big balls of hail pinged off the car and bounced in the road around us.

Very dramatic.

Waves of lavender orange iris. © 2012 EddinsImages

But, its not all been drama weather this week.

A look into the iris. © 2012 EddinsImages

In between the tempestuous conditions, we’ve had hours of peaceful, balmy days. Days when garden and roadside stems push upward and blooms stretch outward.

Iris, up close, after the rains. © 2012 EddinsImages

Perennials have been unfolding leaves and petals right before us.

Looking down on beautiful Iris “Batik.” © 2012 EddinsImages

And showing their blooms.

Peek into the peachy pink iris. © 2012 EddinsImages

And I’ve been outside, walking with my trusty little iPhone camera.

Folds of blue iris petals, worn from stormy weather. © 2012 EddinsImages

The irises are in full-force. And their show has been amazing.

Iris “Batik.” © 2012 EddinsImages

Even after damaging storms, they manage to impress.

Spent blooms, after days of sun, hail and rain. © 2012 EddinsImages

Very dramatic.

Pink and purple canyons of Iris petals. © 2012 EddinsImages

Its been a joy to take the time to stop and look at each flower.

Jumble of intense iris. © 2012 EddinsImages

I’ll be sad when they’re gone.

Iris “past her prime.” © 2012 EddinsImages

Truly, I’d never appreciated them before.

Lavender iris veins. © 2012 EddinsImages

The irises are extraordinary.

Taking the time to examine each roadside iris is a joy. © 2012 EddinsImages

I’ll be sad when they’re gone.

Sunshine-flled iris. © 2012 EddinsImages

So, the plan is to purchase more this year… my little iPhone camera and I will be waiting for them next year.

“Batik” iris, weathered but none the worse from storms. © 2012 EddinsImages

Meanwhile, I’ve chosen my favorite. Which is yours?

All photos taken in natural light with an iPhone 4. Copyright © 2012 EddinsImages.