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Recently, I signed-up to join Blissfully Domestic’s Summer Fun Photo Challenge where Angela England hosts a different photo challenge topic during each week of the summer. Results are posted on Fridays.

Feet in the pool. © 2012 EddinsImages

Week One’s task was to photograph Water, and the topic is open to any interpretation.

Pool stripe. © 2012 EddinsImages

So the other day, I hopped over to the pool, iPhone in-hand.

Summer pool shadow. © 2012 EddinsImages

No doubt, folks thought I was a bit looney as I waded into four feet of pool water with my iPhone.

Pool stair. © 2012 EddinsImages

Regardless, I managed to keep my iPhone safe from the dangerous waters!

Pool legs and red umbrellas. © 2012 EddinsImages

And, people at the pool thought I was even nuttier, probably quite narcissistic, as I spent the afternoon in the water taking pictures of my own hands and feet.

Red-painted nails in summer pool. © 2012 EddinsImages

Okay, okay… so I got a little help from my husband taking the photo of my two hands (after all, I couldn’t push the button). However, it was frustrating because he couldn’t see what I saw, so, quickly the team photo tactic was abandoned.

Lane line close-up. © 2012 EddinsImages

One time, the life guard called out, “Are you trying to get a photo of your ring?” Ummm… not exactly…

Painted pool fingers. © 2012 EddinsImages

And, I snapped a more shots of the pool.

Pool feet and black umbrella. © 2012 EddinsImages

Hummm… what to we have here? A crack in the stair?

Pool stair close-up. © 2012 EddinsImages

Then, more shots of my legs. They looked cool.

Distorted legs in pool water. © 2012 EddinsImages

Another quick look around to see what I missed…

Pool number 4. © 2012 EddinsImages

Then, it was time to get out and hit the pool deck.

No Diving. © 2012 EddinsImages

All in all, it had been a lovely day at the pool, don’t you think?

Shadow over the kiddie pool. © 2012 EddinsImages

The topic for next week’s Summer Fun Photo Challenge is Technology…  not in my comfort zone, for sure!

To join the fun, visit Blissfully Domestic’s Summer Fun Photo Challenge. Each week we’ll get a different theme and each Friday we post results. Here’s what’s ahead…

  • June 15, Week 1 = Water
  • June 22, Week 2 = Technology
  • June 29, Week 3 = Fun/Playtime
  • July 6, Week 4 = Light
  • July 13, Week 5 = Family/Home
  • July 20, Week 6 = Money
  • July 27, Week 7 = Travel
  • August 3, Week 8 = Friendship/Love
  • August 10, Week 9 = Food
  • August 17, Week 10 = Learning

So grab your camera, and join in the summer photo fun!

All photos taken with an iPhone 4. © 2012 EddinsImages