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It’s been raining here for two days, providing lots of water for my just-planted garden perennials. I am a little bummed because just before the rain, some of my roses were about to burst open. Now, the partially opened buds, especially those of gorgeous and dramatic “Pink Traviata” rose, are heavy and rain-sodden. I’ll have to wait for the next round of buds to see gorgeous flowers in full-bloom.

Rose Pink Traviata (color pushed to red). © 2012 Eddins Images

And, this is the second wave of nearly-open buds to get drenched this season. Sad as this is for my flower-greedy eyes, my new plants and their roots will have a marvelously moist season, with lots of sun in-between, so that they may become well-established.

With that in mind, I can wait a little longer for my pretty flowers to show themselves in full boom.

Meanwhile, I snapped some photos the other day when the sun was bright and temperatures were really, really, high.

Bright as the sun, fiery Gallardia. © 2012 EddinsImages

With temperatures close to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, it was sweltering HOT in the garden… and the flowers didn’t seem to mind a bit.

Sunny, orange daylily. © 2012 EddinsImages

Focusing on the bright colors of my garden offerings, these vivid red, pink, orange and yellow flowers reflected the sun’s sweltering early-June heat.

Screaming pink and yellow “Pink Traviata” rose. © 2012 EddinsImages

Still early in the season, and with summer not yet officially here, I can only imagine what July’s searing summer temperatures will bring!

Even in shade, this lily puts-out striking green, yellow and russet heat. © 2012 EddinsImages

So, while I wait for the rain to subside, I’ll quench my desire for more sunny days with these photos of hot flowers waiting for me in the garden.

Beautiful cala lily “Captain Melrose” loves part-sun. © 2012 EddinsImages

Even in shade, their bold and intense colors, like those in cala lily “Captain Melorse” are striking and exciting to the eye.

Who doesn’t love popular golden-yellow hemerocalis or daylily “Stella de Oro?” © 2012 EddinsImages

When the rain finally subsides, one again my brilliant garden beauties will be bursting with dramatic, fiery colors. Best of all, they will be even bigger, bolder and better than before.

All photos taken in natural light with an iPhone 4. Photos © 2012 EddinsImages