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DIY home decorating project features vintage furniture painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint colors Old White, Cream and Versailles. © 2012 EddinsImages

After completing several DIY painted furniture projects, I’m kind of liking my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. As Ms. Sloan promised during her visit to the east coast this spring, her low VOC paint does adhere to anything, and requires no primer or special prep. I like that. Also, it is quick drying and presents a “matte velvety” finish. Perfect for decorative painting projects, especially worn or old furniture that could use a facelift.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint palette offered in the United States for 2012. I’ve fiddled with color settings a bit on my computer in an attempt to accurately replicate the color card in my hand on your computer screen. © 2012 EddinsImages

So far, my eight ASCP colors – out of 29 offered by Sloan today – are each quite conservative and light in tone. They are: Old White; Cream; Versailles; French Linen; Country Grey; Old Violet; Duck Egg and Louis Blue.

I need some more colors in my palette… more intense colors with punch! These are code words, off course, for: buy more paint! The only problem is, when I try to decide which two or three colors will come home next… immediately, my list grows to no less than eight different hues. Hummm. At close to $40 per quart, I’ll be giving some serious thought to my choices.

Grandma’s unpainted, solid wood rocking chair. © 2012 EddinsImages

Meanwhile, here are some photos of a rocking chair I repainted recently. My grandmother purchased the chair about 40 years ago for my brother’s bedroom in the family home on Cape Cod. The chair is quite comfortable, especially for a rocker. However, I am tired of the plain-jane stained wood, and my house today is littered with stained wood pieces. Something had to be transformed…

Closeup of my DIY project: the rocking chair repainted in layers with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I sanded in places to show the original wood finish. © 2012 EddinsImages

For the rocker, I used Old White, then layered and textured a bit with Cream and Versailles. Also, I sanded in places throughout the process to let the original wood show through. So far, I’ve not finished this piece with my final layer of wax, however, I plan to top it with Annie Sloan Soft Wax in Clear.

Rocking chair back painted at home with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. © 2012 EddinsImages

All in all, the project took several hours… a solid half to three-quarters of a day, considering drying time between coats. I was going for a sort of worn, shabby chic, textured look that was light (but not white) and would work in a variety of decorating styles.

Close-up of rocking chair details: Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, layered, texturized and sanded with no wax applied. © 2012 EddinsImages

I am quite pleased with the chair’s new versatility in our country home. In fact, it goes perfectly well with the little blue stool I painted with Annie Sloan paint earlier in the year…

Finished (for now!) vintage rocking chair and stool repainted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. © 2012 EddinsImages

All photos taken with iPhone 4. © 2012 EddinsImages